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Information Technology Services

Binz & Company Inc. information technology services encompasses all facets of the software development lifecycle from analysis and design through development, testing, implementation, support, documentation, and training.

Solution Architecture

    Translate the specified requirements into the architecture and design that ultimately constitute the blueprint for the solution being implemented
    During ideation, establish the complete business context and vision for the solution according to the specified requirements
    During design, elaborate on potential options and develop the roadmap for the selected solution
    During implementation, communicate the architecture to the stakeholders and guide the implementation team

Enterprise Integration

    Connect people, processes, systems, and technologies ensuring that the right people and the right processes have the right information and the right resources at the right time

Systems Analysis & Requirements

    Develop a detailed understanding of the proposed project, ensure all business requirements are supported, and a solid foundation is built up for system design and development
    Investigate the business needs and communicate with the client based on the accurate specification of their requirements

Solution Design & Implementation

    Focus on integrating the specified business requirements with the functions of the technology solution
    Once the design is in place then implement the solution following a strict system development life cycle methodology

Quality Assurance

    Verify that the features and functionality meet the expected business objectives
    Monitor the entire software implementation process from requirements definition, solution design, coding, source code control, code reviews, testing, through deployment


    Provide objective independent information to the stakeholders about the quality of the technology solution
    Execute to evaluate whether the solution meets the requirements that guided the design and development, responds correctly to all kinds of input, performs its functions within an acceptable time, and achieves the general result its stakeholder desires

Performance Tuning

    Identify the most significant bottlenecks (limits) of the system and make the appropriate changes to reduce or eliminate the effect of those bottlenecks
    Implement techniques to improve performance such as code optimization, load balancing, caching strategy, distributed computing, and self-tuning

Technical Support

    Provide assistance for technology solutions in order to solve specific problems


    Produce written specifications that provide details of the technology solution pertaining to the business/technical requirements, architecture/design, testing, and support


    Provide detailed instruction pertaining to all facects of the technology solution such as its architecture, design, implementation, etc.